Privacy Notice



THP-Mexico has ellaborated this privacy agreement to demonstrate its firm commitment to Internet privacy. Here we describe our policy regarding the collection and dissemination of information through our website:

In compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, The Hunger Project Mexico informs you that it acts as head of its personal data as well as the terms and conditions of the Notice of Privacy of Personal Data (" Privacy Notice ") of The Hunger Project Mexico.

The personal data that we collect only serve the following purposes: (1) identification and verification (2) Contact (3) Distribution of the newsletter; (4) Delivery of thanks or congratulations cards, (5) In case of investors, financial data will be used to collect its contribution, according to the amount and frequency stipulated previously.

The Hunger Project has implemented administrative, technical and physical safety measures to protect personal information; we require these measures to be met by service providers who we hire.

You can contact us any time by email: or directly at our offices at Calle 17 No. 101, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, Benito Juarez, Mexico DF, CP. 03800 or request to be unsubscribed from our system.

The Hunger Project Mexico may hire a third party with whom The Hunger Project Mexico could share data so that this third party could comply with the requirements of the contracted services, and never for commercial purposes. There will be no transfer of personal and financial data of our investors, nor will THP-Mexico sell said information to a third party. According to Article 8 of this law, when this privacy agreement was available and the investor/subscriber did not oppose to it, it is understood that the investor/subscriber has given permission to use its information.

We reserve the right to change this privacy agreement at any time, communicating the change by email and in our website: