Frequently Asked Question Page


Your investment will allow us to unleash the empowerment and leadership of women, men and young people living in poverty so that they can be the authors of their own destiny and may build a better future for their children.

What sort of programs would my investment fund?

Your investment will give the opportunity to more women, men and young people to get out of poverty. A greater number of community partners will strengthen their leadership and achieve their priorities:

  • the development of organic gardens that feed many families and become their source of income;
  • access to potable water and sanitary systems, which foster better nutrition and hygiene in rural areas;
  • the construction of ecological stoves that eliminate respiratory diseases and allow to save firewood, preserving the environment;
  • the promotion of female empowerment and leadership skills so that women can increase their income and participate in the decision-making process in their communities and homes;
  • the development of participatory democracy at the local level so that more people may know and exercise their rights, and build vibrant and sustainable communities.

Your investment is an essential step toward a Mexico without hunger and poverty.